Blue Skies Equine Services
21114 Hunter Hill Dr.
Dade City, Florida 33523
(352) 345-1495

How You Can Help

We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to aiding abused or neglected horses and special needs, emotionally traumatized or at risk children.Florida Non for Profit Registration CH37764.  We gladly accept and appreciate any and all donations. Without them we can't exist and we can't carry forward to rescue horses or help the children!  Our hope is to always have the ability to help both horses and children. There are no cost to the families who bring children in need!!

We follow AAEP Guidelines in caring for our horses! We are a Silver Ranked Charity with GuideStar

Donations ~ Please consider making a donation. It is through the compassion and generosity of our donors and volunteers that enables us to provide the care for so many horses in need. Donations are tax deductible and may be sent via pay pal, check or money order to: 

Click  below for Pay Pal Donation :   Pay Pal accepts Visa/MC, American Express & Debit cards. You do NOT have to have a Pay Pal account to use their service!

Mail check to:

Healing Horses "One child at a time" Inc.
28821 Bennington Drive   
Wesley Chapel, Fl 33544

Contribute ~ Contributions from our wish list at bottom of this page are deeply needed and appreciated! Simply call us and we will gratefully arrange pick up!

Make direct donations to our feed store or vet. It cost easily over $50.00 per week to feed, house and supply medical care for each horse here on the farm. This figure can go up quickly in times of drought or the arrival of an injured or ill horse. Hay must be provided for all incoming horses around the clock to help build them back up. Hoof care has been an immediate need for every arrival, often they need corrective shoeing because of extensive neglect. Vet care is always an immediate need, because no horse arrives here healthy. All horses here have trimmings or resets of corrective shoes every 6 weeks. Each horse must have a coggins test once a year and shots twice yearly. 

Direct to feed store:                                                    
Bliss Feed and Supply
36703 Chancey Rd, Zephyrhills, FL 
(813) 782-1129

They will take phone donations!

Report ~ Please always report suspected cases of neglect to your Sheriff's department or contact us directly!! Present Moment was scheduled to be destroyed and without the phone call we received, would have met a death she didn't deserve.

Adopt ~ If you are considering adding a horse to your family, please consider a rescue horse. These noble animals need life long, loving homes! Contact us for an application and home inspection @ (813) 900-6305. 

Sponsor ~ You can sponsor one of these wonderful horses by making a monthly donation of  $40  or $480 yearly, which helps greatly in defraying the cost of care for one horse.  We will send you photos of the horse you choose and information on how you can visit your new friend! You will be listed on our site as a sponsor.

Wish List

Alfalfa bales
Round Rolls of Tifton 44
Alfalfa Blocks
Bahia grass seed
Fence posts
No Climb fence
Used tack
Manno Pro 11% 
Manno Pro Senior
Alfalfa Pellets or cubes
Maxi-Glo Rice Bran Pellets
Hay trailer
Grooming supplies/Shampoos, Conditioners, Hoof Conditioners, etc.
Lumber & hardy board
Used Horse trailer
Tractor capable of hauling 750lb round rolls

Steve & Debbie Woods - pasture donator 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017
Kevin and Kristen Smeltzer - pasture donator 
Anne Smith - monthly sponsor  
Shannon Clark - yearly sponsor for Baby Bobby  yearly 
Debi Hamari    monthly 
Janice Graff Kyle monthly 
S.B. Davis monthly 
Diana Romer monthly  
Betty & Steve Preston   
Robin Futch monthly    
Suzanne Bischof monthly  
Wendy & Linda Rice monthly  
Dorinda Coolon monthly  
Theresa Imparato monthly  
WebWorks of Taos - Ruth B monthly  
Cheryl Adamek monthly  
Carol Kologiski-Hancock monthly  
Leo Bischof and family 
Marthanne Augustin monthly  
Sue & Ed Gionet monthly 
Kim & Hanna Klosteboer 
Dorothy Lewis  Feed donor yearly
VM monthly 
MH  monthly 
KH  monthly
Carl & Deborah Stone 2015/2016 donor
Nancy & Roger Kennedy monthly
Jack & Pam Quinn 2015/2016 donor through Fidelity Charitable
Lynda Smith monthly 
Troy and Deanna Marshall monthly
Bob Schlotter monthly 
Mr. Murphy monthly 
Kathie Boston Miller
Kathleen Blanco Losada monthly 
Candace Marshall monthly 

Donations above give us funds to provide the horses with feed, hay,  transportation, medicine, vet care, farrier care, training and general maintence needed for rescue horses, Supplies for our special needs and at risk children and always needed barn & fence repairs. Donations are tax deductible. Since losing our main donor in March of 2015, we are in danger of all hard work being ended and our doors closing. We NEED donations to keep our doors open, our mission alive and continue to lift our community! Please open your hearts, share our message and help us to help the innocents!

 501 (c) 3 Non For Profit Organization